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A well-trained voice for your business

Question: How do you make sure clients see your business as a professional one?

Answer: You hire trained professionals for everything. Including voiceover work.

You can hear the difference between a trained voice and someone grabbed from the office and shoved in front of a microphone. A trained voice makes the copy come alive, while the untrained voice sounds like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

And if you can hear that, your clients will, too.

Karl has an authoritative and friendly voice. His natural accent is close to RP, but with a softer edge from living in Nottingham. The softer sound and clear diction makes narrations easier to listen to and won’t leave your brand sounding stuffy.

Because his accent’s so close to RP, he can take it all the way if needed, whether to add gravitas and authority, or for a character voice.

Karl was a pleasure to work with. He remained professional throughout and provided a great voiceover for our new marketing videoPhil Evans,EIDO Healthcare